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Glycemic Index Food List, GI Foods List

We offer a searchable collection of Glycemic Index(GI) and Glycemic Load(GL) data on thousands of foods. The glycemic index, glycaemic index, or GI measures how fast a food effects your blood sugar level. This can be helpful to manage diabetes and prevent heart disease. You can enter GI value, GL value or keywords to search for a related foods list/chart.
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Glycemic Index Food List

Soup, Sauces and Gravies
Noodle soup (traditional Turkish soup with stock and noodles)125090
Trahana soup (traditional Turkish soup with wheat flour, yoghurt, tomato, peppers)20
Tarhana soup (wheat flour, yoghurt, tomato, green pepper)20
Yellow teparies broth (Phaseolus acutifolius)29250268
White teparies broth (Phaseolus acutifolius)312503210
Vegetarian Chili Instant soup, lowfat, President's Choice? Blue Menu? (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)362502910
Tomato soup38250176
Winter Squash soup, President's Choice? Blue Menu? Soupreme (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)41250135
Lentil soup, canned (Unico, Concord, Canada)44250219
Spicy Black Bean with Vegetables soup, President's Choice? Blue Menu? (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)462502712
Tomato & Herb soup, President's Choice? Blue Menu? Soupreme (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)47250147
Lentil soup, pureed consumed with an orange493003216
Tomato soup, condensed, prepared with water (Campbell's Soup Company, Camden, NJ, USA)522502815
Spicy Thai Instant soup, lowfat, President's Choice? Blue Menu? (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)562503117
Vegetable Couscous Instant soup, lowfat, President'sChoice? Blue Menu? (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)572503319
Vegetable soup602501811
Split Pea soup (WilPak Foods, USA)602502716
Black Bean soup (WilPack Foods, San Pedro, CA, USA)642502717
Green Pea soup, canned (Campbell Soup Co Ltd., Toronto, Canada)662504127

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