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CBC Test Explanation & Calculation for Pregnant Women

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When you become pregnant, one of the first tests that you'll receive is a complete blood count(CBC). Pregnancy is a special time of a woman's life that references range of CBC may vary.This calculator help you calculate and determine whether your test results are in normal range. Note that the reference value we provided is just an estimate,reference range of cbc blood test is dependent on many  factors, such as different races, regions, and laboratories.
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CBC Test Explanation & CalculationCBC Explanation & Calculation For NewbornsCBC Explanation & Calculation for Pregnant Women

CBC Test Explanation & Calculation for Pregnant Women

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Complete Blood Count(CBC) Changes in Pregnancy

CBC test is important to the health of pregnant women and baby. The test monitors the levels of haemoglobin and haematocrit, which determines iron levels and checks whether pregnant women are affected by anaemia. It also checks the differential count of white blood cells and platelet count.The number of white blood cells(monocytes, lymphocytes, neutrophils, basophils and eosinophils) could prove to be helpful in the detection of any infections whatsoever.The platelets in your body are the substances that help your blood clot. A woman
 will lose half a liter of blood on average at delivery.With a low platelet count, a patient is at risk.

During pregnancy, mainly to supply the demands of the new vascular bed and to compensate for blood loss occurring at delivery,the total blood volume increases by about 1.5 liters.Physiological changes in pregnancy and puerperium are principally influenced by changes in the hormonal milieu.

Red Blood Cells
Haemoglobin (Hb) will normally fall in pregnancy, with the lowest reading expected at about 34 weeks. Normal values are cited by the World Health Organization as 11 to 13 g/dl.

White blood cells
White blood cells normally increase with the lower limit of the reference range being typically 6,000/cumm during pregnancy.

Although the platelet count may fall during pregnancy, prticularly in the third trimester, they usually stay in the normal range of 150 to 400 x 109/l.

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