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High Iron Foods List (Foods High in Iron/Fe for Anemia)

This is a searchable collection of high-iron/Fe data on thousands of foods. The Iron/Fe data of foods is based on the U.S. Department of Agriculture database for standard reference SR22.
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More than or equal to

8 mg or more of iron per 100 gms of the food is high. You can change the value entered to search  the most amount of iron.
High Iron/Fe Foods List: 1/2
Sausages and Luncheon Meats
OSCAR MAYER, Braunschweiger Liver Sausage (sliced)10.51
OSCAR MAYER, Braunschweiger Liver Sausage (saren tube)9.74
OSCAR MAYER, Liver Cheese, pork fat wrapped11.9
OSCAR MAYER, Pickle Pimiento Loaf (with chicken)2.17
OSCAR MAYER, Salami Beef Cotto2.71
OSCAR MAYER, Salami Cotto (beef, pork, chicken)2.89
OSCAR MAYER, Summer Sausage Beef Thuringer Cervelat2.49
OSCAR MAYER, Summer Sausage Thuringer Cervalat2.24
LOUIS RICH, Franks (turkey and chicken cheese)2.11
LOUIS RICH, Franks (turkey and chicken)2.18
CARL BUDDIG, Cooked Corned Beef, Chopped, Pressed2.4
CARL BUDDIG, Smoked Sliced Beef2.26
CARL BUDDIG. Cooked Smoked Beef Pastrami, Chopped, Pressed2.45
CARL BUDDIG, Smoked Sliced Ham2.03
HORMEL Pillow Pak Sliced Turkey Pepperoni2.7
Turkey, pork, and beef sausage, low fat, smoked2.2
Liverwurst spread8.85
Roast beef spread2.06
Sausage, summer, pork and beef, sticks, with cheddar cheese2.26
Pastrami, beef, 98% fat-free2.78
Sausage, Italian, turkey, smoked9.6
Sausage, chicken, beef, pork, skinless, smoked4.8
Sausage, turkey, hot, smoked9.6
Frankfurter, pork3.7
Pate, truffle flavor3.94

High Iron Foods

What is High Iron Foods?
Iron is necessary in our body in order to produce red blood cells.If iron levels are low, the amount of haemoglobin in our red blood cells, as well as the number of red blood cells, is reduced. This is called anemia. Such people are usually very tired and unable to be as active as people with sufficient amount of iron in their bodies.A high iron diet along with iron supplements is often recommended for iron deficiency anemia in women.How much iron you need daily?The current recommended daily allowance for iron is 18 milligrams (mg).  A typical high iron diet usually contains the foods such as beef, animal liver, lamb, seaweed, etc. Red meat is the richest source of iron. The iron in animal sources is absorbed easily by the body.
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