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Glycemic Index Chart, GI Chart

We offer a searchable collection of Glycemic Index(GI) and Glycemic Load(GL) data on thousands of foods. The glycemic index, glycaemic index, or GI measures how fast a food effects your blood sugar level. This can be helpful to manage diabetes and prevent heart disease. You can enter GI value, GL value or keywords to search for a related foods list/chart.
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Glycemic Index Chart

Nutridrink Multi Fibre? enteral formula (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)53250 mL4624
Lemonade, Scheweppes?, lemon soft drink (Cadbury Schweppes, Sydney, Australia)54250 mL2715
Milo? (Nestl, Australia) dissolved in water55250 mL169
Solo?, lemon squash, soft drink (Cadbury Schweppes, Australia)58250 mL2917
MetRX ?, vanilla, weight management product (MetRX substrate Technology Inc., Irvine, CA, USA)58250 mL106
Boost HighProtein?, vanilla flavor, weight management product (Mead Johnson, Evansville, Ind, USA)59250 mL3621
Probiotic drink, pink grapefruit60250 mL3320
Nutridrink? enteral formula (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)61250 mL4628
Cytomax?, orange (Cytosport, Concordia, CA, USA)62250 mL117
Coca Cola?, soft drink (Coca Cola Bottling Company, Atlanta, USA)63250 mL2616
Quik?, strawberry (Nestl, Australia), beverage prepared with in water64250 mL85
Poweraid?, orange (CocaCola Company, Atlanta, GA, USA)65250 mL2013
Cordial, orange, reconstituted (Berri Ltd, Berri, Australia)66250 mL2013
Beer, Toohey's New (Tooheys Pty Limited, Australia)66250 mL85
Fruit punch beverage67250 mL2919
Fanta?, orange soft drink (Coca Cola Amatil, Australia)68250 mL3423
XLR8?, orange flavor (Softpac Industries Inc., Plymouth, Minn, USA)68250 mL139
Isostar? beverage (Novartis Consumer Health, Nyon, Switzerland)70250 mL1813
Chocolate soya weight management drink73250 mL3626
Ensure?, vanilla flavor, nutritional support product (Abbott Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio, USA)75250 mL4433
Optifuel, weight management product (Twin Laboratories Inc, Ronkonkowa, NY, USA)78250 mL3527
Gatorade? beverage (Spring Valley Beverages Pty Ltd, Cheltenham, Vic, Australia)78250 mL1512
Vitasoy? rice milk, lowfat, calcium enriched (National Foods Ltd, Australia)79250 mL2217
GatorPro?, chocolate flavor, weight management product (Gatorade, Chicago, IL, USA)89250 mL4540
Gatorade?, orange flavor (Gatorade, Chicago, IL, USA)89250 mL1513
Rice milk drink, lowfat, Australia's Own Natural? (So Natural Foods, Taren Point, Australia)92250 mL3229
Lucozade?, original (sparkling glucose drink) (Glaxo Wellcome Ltd., Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK)95250 mL4240
GatorLode?, orange flavor (Gatorade, Chicago, IL, USA)100250 mL5151

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