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Simple Height†Calculator

This is a simple calculator,calculating your child's height is based only on the height of both of parents. Kids are usually around the same height as their parents. Predicting a child's adult height is not an exact science, this is a simple way to get a rough estimate.
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Simple Height Calculator   

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Mother's Height
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Father's Height
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Estimated Adult Height: 5'6'' /1.69m

Simple formula to calculate adult height of a child

A simple formula which bases its numbers on the point that children will grow up to reach a height somewhere between both their parent's

 height. You can get a reasonably accurate prediction of their adult height by adding the bio parents heights together, dividing by 2, then adding 2.5 inches for a boy and subtracting 2.5 inches for a girl. If using the english system. Add 6.5 or subtract 6.5 centimeters to the number if using metric.

For Girls: (Farther's Height in inches+Monther's Height in inches-2.5)/2

For Boys: (Farther's Height in inches+Monther's Height in inches+2.5)/2

 In general, a healthy child's height will be around the parents height. If it is a girl, she will be closer to the height of the mother, and if it's a boy, he will be closer to the height of the father.

 The height that a child grows to as an adult is influenced by a number of factors, such as genetics (their parents height), sex (are they male or female), and overall health and nutrition.

Top Use:    Calculate Adult Height of a Child - Mother's Height:62 inches Father's Height:66

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