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Glycemic Index Chart, GI Chart

We offer a searchable collection of Glycemic Index(GI) and Glycemic Load(GL) data on thousands of foods. The glycemic index, glycaemic index, or GI measures how fast a food effects your blood sugar level. This can be helpful to manage diabetes and prevent heart disease. You can enter GI value, GL value or keywords to search for a related foods list/chart.
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Glycemic Index Chart

Cereal Grains and Pasta
White rice, lowamylose, boiled17150437
Bangladeshi rice variety BR16, pressure parboiled (27% amylose)271504111
Stuffed grapevine leaves (rice and lamb stuffing with tomato sauce)30100154
Bangladeshi rice variety BR16, traditionally parboiled (27% amylose)321503812
Bangladeshi rice variety BR4, parboiled (27% amylose)331503813
White rice (Oryza sativa), boiled, eaten with fish,tomato and onion sauce341504214
Bangladeshi rice variety BR16, parboiled (28% amylose)351503713
Bangladeshi white rice variety BR16 (28% amylose)371503914
Parboiled rice, long grain, boiled 5 min381503614
Bangladeshi white rice variety BR16, white, longgrain (27% amylose), boiled 17.5 min391503915
Brown rice, high amylose (IR42) rice, boiled 30 min391504216
Parboiled rice, boiled 12 min391503614
Rice noodles, fresh, boiled (Sydney, NSW, Australia)401803915
Long grain rice, boiled 5 min411504016
Parboiled rice, boiled 12 min421503615
Parboiled rice, boiled 12 min431503615
Rice, white, Type NS, boiled431503013
Rice, white, Type NS, eaten alone451503013
Converted, white parboiled rice, Uncle Ben's? (Effem Foods Ltd., Canada)451503616
Rice noodles made from IR42 (high amylose) rice flour, boiled for 22 min45
Rice noodles made from IR42 (high amylose) rice flour, boiled for 22 min46
Parboiled rice, long grain, boiled 25 min461503617
Parboiled rice, boiled 12 min461503617
Instant/puffed rice , white, boiled 1 min461504219
Rice (Oriza sativa) and tomato soup46
Rice, white, Type NS, boiled471503014
Parboiled rice, long grain, boiled 15 min471503617
Parboiled rice481503617

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