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Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Calendar

This is a .menstrual cycle and fertility calendar that indicates days with increased probability of getting pregnant. It can also help you predict  the estimated date of your next period. To use the calendar,please note that your periods of fertility will be based on regular cycles.
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Calculate your menstrual cycle and fertility days   

The first day of your last menstrual period(LMP):

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Menstrual cycle length:     


Calendar-based methods

Calendar-based methods are various methods of estimating a woman's probability of fertility, based on a  record of the length of previous regular menstrual cycles. Track your fertility, learn how you ovulate and menstruate and plan activities to match your ebb and flow. You can use the Calendar to track your return to fertility while nursing.

Regular cycles

If your cycle is about the same stable number of days every month, you have a regular cycle. Most women have their own regular cycle length with almost always-similar body changes during every cycle.Women who are of child bearing ages will generally see a pattern develop and will begin to expect their menstrual cycle at about the same time every month, give or take a day or two.

Fertility days

Your fertile days refer to the time period where sex may lead to pregnancy. As you might already know, in order for conception to take place, at least one healthy and vigorous sperm must be waiting in the Fallopian tube at the moment that ovulation occurs,sperm can only live up to six days, and must be able to fertilize the egg within 12-24 hours of the egg being released from the ovary.Sex during this time period is the most likely you'll pregnant.
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