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Low Glycemic Index Chart, Low GI Chart

This is a searchable collection of Low glycaemic index data on thousands of foods. A low GI food will release glucose more slowly and steadily. Foods that have a low glycemic index (GI) ranking are recommended for people who need to manage their blood sugar levels. You can enter GI value to search for a related foods list/chart. The best low glycemic foods according to the Human Nutrition Unit at the University of Sydney include cereals, bread, fruits and vegetables.
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Search by GI Value and Food Categories

Categories  Glycemic Index(less than or equal to)

Foods with Glycemic index less than or equal to 55 are considered low GI.


Low Glycemic Index Chart

Cereal Grains and Pasta
Turkish noodle soup125090
Hummus (chickpea salad dip)63050
Sugar and Sugar Alcohols
Lactitol, 25 g lactitol110100
Isomalt (Sudzucker AG, Mannheim, Germany)210100
Tagatose sugar replacement, Gaio? (Arla Foods, Germany)310100
25 g lactitol MC (Danisco sweeteners, Surrey, UK)310100
25 g Litesse III ultra, bulking agent with polydextrose and sorbitol (Danisco Sweeteners, UK)410100
25 g xylitol710101
25 g Litesse II, bulking agent with polydextrose and sorbitol (Danisco Sweeteners, UK)710101
25 g Xylitol C (Danisco Sweeteners, UK)810101
Fructose, 25 g portion (Sweeten Less, Maximum Nutrition Inc.,Toronto, Canada)1110101
Fructose, 50 g portion (Sweeten Less, Canada)1210101
Vegetables and Vegetables Products
Nopales (prickly pear cactus)710060
Bakery Products
Ga kenkey, prepared from fermented cornmeal (Zea mays) eaten with fish, tomato and onion sauce12150137
Organic Agave Cactus Nectar, light, 97% fructose (Western Commerce Corp., USA)101081
Thorpedo? Advanced Hydration for Kids beverage, all flavours (Thorpedo Foods, Australia)11250 mL354
Organic Agave Cactus Nectar, light, 90% fructose (Western Commerce Corp., City of Industry, CA, USA)111081
Soy Beverage, Original flavored, President's Choice? Blue Menu? (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)15250 mL91
Soup, Sauces and Gravies
Noodle soup (traditional Turkish soup with stock and noodles)125090
Legumes and Nuts
Gram dhal soaked overnight, cooked in salted water550 (dry)291
Bengal gram dhal, chickpea11150364
Pinto beans, boiled in salted water14150254
Snack Foods
Acacia aneura (mulga seed) roasted, wet ground to paste850171
Castanospermum austral (blackbean seed), sliced, soaked 1 wk, pounded and baked85091

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