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Low Glycemic Index Chart, Low GI Chart

This is a searchable collection of Low glycaemic index data on thousands of foods. A low GI food will release glucose more slowly and steadily. Foods that have a low glycemic index (GI) ranking are recommended for people who need to manage their blood sugar levels. You can enter GI value to search for a related foods list/chart. The best low glycemic foods according to the Human Nutrition Unit at the University of Sydney include cereals, bread, fruits and vegetables.
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Categories  Glycemic Index(less than or equal to)

Foods with Glycemic index less than or equal to 55 are considered low GI.


Low Glycemic Index Chart

Snack Foods
Acacia aneura (mulga seed) roasted, wet ground to paste850171
Castanospermum austral (blackbean seed), sliced, soaked 1 wk, pounded and baked85091
Rajmah, Phaseolus vulgaris19150306
White boiled rice, grilled beefburger, cheese and butter224405011
Majadra (Syrian, lentils and rice)242504110
White boiled rice, grilled beefburger, cheese, and butter274405013
Wheat tortilla served with refried pinto beans and tomato sauce28100185
Sausages, NS type2810031
Wheat tortilla3050268
Ground beef served with rice and an orange313007624
Dioscorea bulbifera (cheeky yam), peeled, sliced, soaked 2 d, baked 15 min341503612
Chocolate, milk, plain, lowsugar with maltitol3550227
Fish Fingers38100197
Corn tortilla, served with refried mashed pinto beans and tomato sauce39100239
Porridge, made from scoured wheat, consumed with Bengal gram, green gram and black gram391006023
Macrozamia communis (cycad palm seed), sliced, soaked 1 wk, pounded, baked40502510
Brownies, containing coconut flour43502712
Arepa, made from dehulled highamylose (70%) corn flour441002511
Pongal (rice and roasted green gram dhal, pressure cooked)452505235
Acacia coriacea, desert oat seed bread46752411
Araucaria bidwillii (bunya tree nut), baked 10 min4750167
Granola bar, containing coconut flour50502010
Corn tortilla52502412
Arepa, made from white corn meal flour541003519
Chocolate crinkles, containing coconut flour54502312

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