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Medium Glycemic Index Chart, Medium GI Chart

This is a searchable collection of Medium glycaemic index data on thousands of foods. Medium glycemic index foods such as whole wheat products, basmati rice and sweet potato are broken down more slowly than high GI foods and more quickly than low GI foods. You can enter GI value to search for a related foods list/chart.
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Categories  Glycemic Index(between 56 - 69)

Foods with Glycemic index value from 56  to 69 are considered Medium GI.


Medium Glycemic Index Chart

White bread + 200 mg acarbose (enzyme inhibitor)1830173
Coarse barley kernel bread, 75% kernels2730205
White bread roll + 6 mg trestatin (pancreatic alphaamylase inhibitor)2930123
Bščrgen? Oat Bran & Honey Loaf bread with Barley (Tip Top Bakeries, Australia) (1995)3130103
Bščrgen? Mixed Grain bread (Tip Top Bakeries, Australia) (1997)3430114
Coarse barley kernel bread, 80% scalded intact kernels (20% white wheat flour)3430207
Bščrgen? SoyLin, kibbled soy and linseed loaf bread (Tip Top Bakeries, Australia) (1997)363093
White bread with 15 g Sunfibre (Cyamoposis tetragonolobus) (Indian cluster guar beans), viscosity 1 (Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd, Yokaichi Mie, Japan)3730176
White bread, prepared with a 10 min prove and a second 2 min proving (low loaf volume)3830135
Performax? bread (Country Life Bakery, Australia)3830135
Bščrgen? Wholmeal & Seeds bread (Tip Top Bakeries, Australia) (2007)393062
White bread with 5 g Sunfibre (Cyamoposis tetragonolobus) (Indian cluster guar beans), viscosity 2 (Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd, Yokaichi Mie, Japan)3930166
Coarse barley kernel bread, 80% intact kernels (20% white wheat flour)4030208
Glutenfree white bread (Country Life Bakery, Autralia)403083
Wheat and rye bread (75% wheat flour + 10% rye flour + 15% wheat bran)4030146
Coarse rye kernel bread, 80% intact kernels and 20% white wheat flour4130125
White bread, enriched with 12 g Arabinoxylan fiber (soluble fibre)4130104
White bread + 15 g psyllium fiber (Plantago psyllium) (soluble fiber)4130177
Rye kernel (Pumpernickel) bread4130125
Wholemeal rye bread4130146
White bread consumed with 10 g Sunfibre (Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd, Japan) dissolved in 250 mL water41
White bread with Haricot/navy beans421002912
White bread containing Eurylon? highamylose maize starch4230198
9Grain MultiGrain bread (Tip Top Bakeries, Australia)4330146
Multigrain (50% kibbled wheat grain) bread4330146
Barley kernel bread, 50% kernels4330209
Wholemeal barley bread, flat, thin, soft (20% regular barley flour, 80% highfiber barley flour)4330115
50% oat bran bread4430188

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